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Current Clamp

ARGUS® RF Current Clamp

The RF current clamp supports troubleshooting in cable bundles in conjunction with the ARGUS® Line Scope. The current clamp can be connected quickly, easily and contact-free without impairing the
integrity of the line. This makes it possible to detect and eliminate typical faults such as defective power supplies simply and rapidly. Tone tracking makes it particularly easy to localise interference sources:
once an identified interference frequency is set, it can be tracked acoustically (faster/slower tone) as a function of the signal level. Every curve can be saved as a reference curve and subsequently inserted
in the display to enable comparison with others. The current clamp does not interfere with active connections.

When one core is measured, the usable signal (e.g. xDSL) is displayed. When the entire cable is measured, i.e. both cores, the line scope displays only the interference signal.

Enhance your ARGUS® today with the ARGUS® RF Current Clamp (item no. 000265).

ARGUS® Line Scope

The ARGUS® Line Scope is a high-ohm, real-time monitor that can be used passively on active lines. It can e.g. be patched into an existing link between modem and DSLAM. The Line Scope enables spectrum analysis of xDSL and can visualise e.g. the handshake tone from customer modems. It is also ideal for detecting unwanted signals such as temporary interference sources (realtime operation) or anomalies in noise (compared to background noise). You can display the results in either the time or frequency range (FFT). The Line Scope is supplied as standard equipment with the instruments 166, 163, 156, 153 as well as 165, 162, 155, 152 and 151.