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Our product philosophy: Multifunctional tools for the telecommunications network

From the very beginning, we have designed our testers to include everything that a service technician needs on-site in a single, compact and lightweight device – from extensive test functions and interfaces to a convenient display all the way through to an integrated handset. For example, the ARGUS® 300 fiber multifunction tester reliably tests all broadband interfaces, from GPON, FTTx (PtP) and (106 + 212 MHz), ADSL, VDSL and SHDSL to super vectoring and bonding, in the quality you have come to expect. In addition, it has many other interfaces and test functions, such as 2.5 GB Ethernet, OTDR, WLAN, copper, TDR, RFL, Triple Play and many more. Especially for tests in the Gigabit Ethernet range (up to 10 GigE), extremely powerful hardware is provided.


Convenient use

To meet this goal, our testers offer a wide and yet practical range of functions, combined in a handy device. All of the interfaces supported by an ARGUS® tester are immediately ready for use on-site. To save the time involved in swapping modules, we have purposely designed our testers as complete solutions that do not use exchangeable modules.

The simple operation of our devices is of major importance. This goal has been met by features such as numerous automatic interrogations, intuitive menu structures, ergonomic design and the low weight of the tester itself. Another exceptionally helpful feature is that our ARGUS® handheld testers record all parameters measured in reports, which simplify documentation processes and can be used as evidence of the cause of the fault. Thanks to the integrated WIFI interface, our latest generation measuring instruments (ARGUS® 300, 260, 240, F240) communicate independently with their environment - a PC connection is no longer required. They can as well easily store larger quantities of data.