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The ARGUS® 165 xDSL + GigE tester verifies VDSL2, ADSL, SHDSL and GigaBit Ethernet (Cu + SFP) and supports copper and Triple Play tests on top.

The comprehensive all-in-one solution: the ARGUS® 165 xDSL+GigE combi tester (ADSL tester, VDSL tester, SHDSL tester) combines all standard broadband interfaces and fast Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with comprehensive Triple Play test functions in one measurement device. Without having to swap modules, the user can select or change the interface via the intuitive menu and perform tests at the press of a button. The ARGUS® 165 supports this with, amongst other things, two SFP slots and a copper-based Gigabit Ethernet interface. Thanks to the various Gigabit Ethernet SFPs, the tester offers the greatest possible compatibility for connection to fiber-based interfaces. It is thus possible to carry out Triple Play or performance tests directly on GPON modems, GigE switches etc. via the Gigabit Ethernet interface (copper or fiber).

Using a loop function and a traffic generator, the user can analyze the capacity of Ethernet cabling or devices at different packet sizes and full performance (1 Gbit/s) across different layers. Throughput tests in accordance with RFC 2544 are thus also possible. For HTTP and FTP downloads the interfaces can even reach speeds of up to 200 Mbit/s.
If the Ethernet cabling is defective, the ARGUS® 165 can immediately locate the source of the fault through its comprehensive cabling tests. In this way, as well as shorts, opens and mismatches, amongst other things, the delay or polarity of wire pairs can also be determined.
If required, Triple Play test functions can also be added to the ARGUS® 165. In this way, IPTV suitability can also be checked by means of VoD testing, channel scanning, IPTV long-term analysis or using the Media Delivery Index (MDI). Data services and VoIP (incl. MOS) can also be tested via xDSL and Gigabit Ethernet. Several of these IP tests can optionally also be carried out via the more powerful IPv6 protocol.
The handheld tester also enables physical analysis of DSL copper wires (Cu tests) using a line scope; the time and frequency domains are displayed in real time. Using the optional Active Probe II, even high-ohmic measurements on an existing DSL connection are possible without interference. An RC test is also possible.