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The VDSL + ADSL combi tester ARGUS® 162 verifies VDSL2, ADSL and Gigabit Ethernet (Cu + SFP) and supports copper and Triple Play tests on top.

The handheld tester for turbo internet: The ARGUS® 162 combines the capabilities of a tester for day-to-day installation with those of a tester for modern high-speed interfaces, such as GPON (FTTH) or LTE. In addition, it is equipped with a powerful and versatile SFP slot (FTTx) and a copper-based Gigabit Ethernet interface which can, for example, provide a full ONT or xDSL modem simulation. Furthermore, ARGUS® 162 is available with an optional ADSL interface (Annex A + B + J + L + M) and supports VDSL2 Vectoring (G.vector: ITU-T G.993.5) as well as all well-known handset functionalities for ISDN PRI/E1, BRI S/T/U and POTS if needed.

HTTP and FTP downloads can be performed via xDSL, LTE, Gigabit Ethernet and FTTx as well as GPON – depending on the interface – with speeds of multiple 100 Mbit/s. It is possible to subject these Ethernet and fibre accesses to the same practical stress tests as ADSL and VDSL interfaces. Such tests can be simply started and stopped at any time by the user, for example in the form of parallel triple-play tests. Those additional triple-play tests like data, VoIP and IPTV can also be activated by key later in the field, when required. The ARGUS® 162 therefore not only simulates  the terminal equipment such as VoIP phone, PC or TV set-top box (STB), but also identifies all the important quality parameters (QoS) such as the VoIP speech quality according to the MOS method (Mean Opinion Score). The multifunctional combi tester also performs IP and VoIP tests using the IPv6 protocol, which becomes more common, even in the dual-stack operation mode.

The optional LAN cabling tests allow the technician to find faulty cablings, quickly and clearly by using the wiremap function; additionally this option checks the availability of Power over Ethernet (PoE/PoE+). Furthermore the combi tester has a built-in Ethernet TDR (8-wire) and even supports copper tests as well as a TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) analysis on the local loop. Also, unwanted interferers can be localized promptly by spectral analysis with the Line-Scope (up to 30 MHz). The compact ARGUS® Copper Box can optionally detect voltages and currents as well as the physical characteristics of the line.

Without changing modules, it is possible to select the different interfaces via the intuitive menu and test them with the press of a single button. High user-friendliness is ensured by very short boot and changeover times. Alongside the ease of use is raised by the possibility to do detailed adjustments, which enable the use of pre-configured profiles with different settings and features (e. g. multiple VLANs, PPP connection, setting up several virtual lines) for all matters of access types, simultaneously. In addition the free of charge ARGUS® cloud offers the possibility to install firmware updates or import individual configurations into the ARGUS®.

Its low weight and the user-friendly, manageable size make the ARGUS® 162 an all-rounder, which lithium-ion battery pack ensures long operating times in the field.