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xDSL adaptor

Article number: 000048
Adaptor with 2x banana jacks to test on a DSL filter (RJ11).

Ethernet patch cable

Article number: 004466
Ethernet patch cable to connect devices for signal routing.

PRI ISEP cable

Article number: 000098
PRI cable with 2x ISEP plugs to connect to a PRI access (RJ45).

PRI banana cable

Article number: 000018
PRI cable with 4x4 mm banana plugs to connect to a PRI access (RJ45).

PRI cable

Article number: 000025
PRI cable with 2x RJ45 plugs to connect to a PRI access.

BRI S/T cable

Article number: 000041
BRI S/T cable with 2x RJ45 plugs to connect on a NT.

xDSL/ U 2 wire cable

Article number: 020018
2 wire cable with 2x banana plugs for testing xDSL,, POTS and BRI U (RJ45). (Replaces Art.No.: 020017)


ARGUS RF Current Clamp

Article number: 000265
Detects RF interference on DSL lines in a non-intrusive way


Article number: 016260
ARGUS LAN Probe as a remote terminal for LAN cabling tests.

ARGUS 2G4 Scope

Article number: 000240
Spectrum analysis in the frequency range of 2.4 GHz.

WLAN USB stick

Article number: 000250
Requires WLAN option.

WLAN USB stick with antenna

Article number: 000255
Requires WLAN option.

ARGUS Adaptor

Article number: 000260
Junction box to seperate the line.

Active Probe II

Article number: 015091
High-ohmic Active Probe for use with the Line Scope.

RJ45-RJ45 adaptor

Article number: 000035
1:1 adaptor with 2x RJ45 jacks, Category CAT.6.

RJ11-RJ11 adaptor

Article number: 000036
1:1 adaptor with 2x RJ11 jacks.

TAE adaptor

Article number: 000081
Adaptor with TAE jack (without coding) and 2x banana jacks to connect on a TAE jack.

T plug RJ45

Article number: 002555
Y adaptor with 2x RJ45 jacks to 1x RJ45 jacks.

PRI coax adaptor

Article number: 000014
PRI adaptor with 1x RJ45 jack to 2x coax jacks.

Power supply

Mains adaptor 3

Article number: 020005
ARGUS mains adaptor, output 12 V.

Car charger 2

Article number: 000057
Adaptor for charging ARGUS in car using the automobile auxiliary power outlet, output 12 V.

Li-Ion battery pack 14

Article number: 002081
Li-Ion battery pack XIV (grey).

PC Accessories

Mini USB cable

Article number: 015004
USB cable with plug type A (PC) and plug type Mini-B (ARGUS) for WINplus/-analyse.

WINplus license

Article number: 015060
Only Serial-Key for the PC software.

WINanalyse license

Article number: 015062
Only Serial-Key for the PC software.


Calibration certificate

Article number: 090050
Calibration certificate for ARGUS Testers.

Crocodile Clips

Article number: 000051
Crocodile Clips with banana plugs 1 set (red/black).

Crocodile Clip

Article number: 000053
Crocodile Clip with banana plug (green).

Crocodile Clip

Article number: 000054
Crocodile Clip with banana plug (blue).

Clamp test probe

Article number: 000052
Clamp test probe with banana plugs 1 set (red/black).


Article number: 000061
Headset with 2.5 mm phone jack.


Article number: var.
Printed manuals for ARGUS Testers.

Ribbon hook 1

Article number: 000006
Ribbon hook for ARGUS Testers.

Shock-absorbing rubber jacket 4

Article number: 001015
Shock-absorbing rubber jacket, incl. cover for ARGUS 16x.

Shock-absorbing rubber jacket 6

Article number: 001017
Shock-absorbing rubber jacket for ARGUS 16x and ARGUS Copper Box.

ARGUS protective cover (A16x)

Article number: 007021
Protective cover for ARGUS Tester with Shock-absorbing rubber jacket incl. Copper Box.

Carrying case 4

Article number: 007005
Large carrying case (43 x 24 x 22 cm) for ARGUS testers.

Belt hook

Article number: 000009
Belt hook for ARGUS Testers.