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2G4 Scope

ARGUS® 2G4 Scope (WLAN spectrum analysis)

One consequence of the overwhelming popularity of WLAN is that many WLAN networks in the 2.4 GHz band interfere with each other. Additionally, the 2.4 GHz band is used for more than just WLAN – a wide range of other electrical devices, including motion sensors, baby phones, and microwave ovens, along with alternative transmission technologies such as Bluetooth, also use this band and can thus interfere with WLAN communication. In their automatic channel selection, end-user WLAN routers take only nearby external routers into account, not interference sources. End customers thus often cannot determine why they can’t get the promised download rates on their internet connection, and thus report this problem to their internet provider as a fault.

The ARGUS® 2G4 Scope makes it possible to identify interference sources in real time. It is a passive application and has no effect on WLAN. In addition to the typical interference sources mentioned above, the ARGUS® 2G4 Scope also identifies which channel the local routers are currently using. Thus, in the case of a permanent, unresolvable interference source, it is possible to determine which WLAN channel is “farthest away” from the interference, so that WLAN communication problems can be minimized.

Enhance your ARGUS® today with the ARGUS® 2G4 Scope (art. no.: 000240).

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