For the ARGUS triple play combi testers ARGUS 142 and ARGUS 145 plus but also for the ARGUS 141 xDSL tester, a new firmware is available:

The new firmware (FW 2.21) again offers many new functions and improvements for the above mentioned types of ARGUS testers.

Instead of 10 user profiles used for saving customer-specific settings, ARGUS now allows the configuration of up to 20 profiles simultaneously.

Additionally, the ARGUS download client now supports the very useful http redirecting. Using it, leads to more exact results by distributing the download traffic across the test servers in a way that the best performing server is always selected to handle the incoming request.

Employing FW 2.21 in ARGUS 142 also makes the new „Adv. Copper Tests Package“ available, which amongst other things is able to support the new improved TDR function (Adv. TDR). This Advanced TDR is an extension of the current TDR and stands out due to a better accuracy and, in addition the possibility to configure the input impedance user-specific and to grade irregularities in results by forming an average value. Furthermore the ARGUS 142 line qualification (LQ) function was enhanced; without having a remote end (DSLAM) ARGUS allows leveling the line and estimating real data rates when operated in master / slave mode.

Beside all this new features, there is a multiplicity of many other time and cost saving improvements and optimizations.

Here you can directly download the firmware 2.21: 

ARGUS 145 plus



ARGUS WINanalyse / ARGUS WINplus

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