The new firmware (version 2.61) offers many new functions and improvements for the ARGUS testers 15x and 16x.

For the xDSL triple play combi testers ARGUS 152, ARGUS 155, ARGUS 162 and ARGUS 165 but also for the VDSL/ADSL tester ARGUS 151, now you are able to can setup up to 10 VoIP calls in parallel. Therefore, the ARGUS determines for each VoIP connection the MOS value (Mean Opinion Score) to evaluate the speech quality.

Furthermore the ARGUS devices were expanded with an Ethernet network scan. This scan reveals all clients (including IP and MAC address), ports and services in the network. The network scan is included in all basic packages for ARGUS 155, ARGUS 162 and ARGUS 165 and can be activated subsequently in the field. It is also available for ARGUS 151 and ARGUS 152. If you require this, please get in touch with our support team or sales department.

In addition the ARGUS cloud services were significantly extended. As well as the popular update via the cloud, the version 2.61 now allows you to download and install individual configurations easily (acn files) and upload saved test results to an FTP server. If you need some help when setting up this service or if you have any questions please contact our support team.

Beside all this new features, there is a multiplicity of many other time and cost saving improvements and optimizations.

Here you can download the firmware directly:






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