The new firmware (version 3.00) offers many new functions and improvements for the ARGUS testers 15x and 16x.

The xDSL triple play combi tester ARGUS 152, ARGUS 155, ARGUS 162 and ARGUS 165 but also the VDSL/ADSL tester ARGUS 151, now also supports the xDSL auto detection for VDSL and ADSL. To simplify the detection, one can preset the order of sync, the ADSL mode and much more.  Additionally, the ARGUS devices now support the early media function on VoIP connections. During the setup of the call or during the call, ARGUS detects that the RTP stream is changing and then recalculates the MOS value.
Furthermore, the ARGUS makes automatic file name suggestions for test results, which always are based on the same fixed pattern, consisting of ARGUS type, serial number, date and time. This will greatly simplify your test result management.
Moreover, the ARGUS offers new settings, such as BGP mode, Gratuitous ARP or LACP. In the BGP mode (“Border Gateway Protocol”) the ARGUS receives the first ten routes and displays them. When Gratuitous ARP (“Address Resolution Protocol”) is activated, the ARGUS sends cyclically an unrequested ARP message every 60 seconds to transmit its own MAC address. In addition, the ARGUS now displays LACP informations („Link Aggregation Control Protocol“), which were received from the remote station, for example, the “actor key”, the “partner key”, the “aggregation ID” and even the LACP partner MAC.

The Gigabit Ethernet tests (Loop, traffic generator, RFC2544 tests) that are included in ARGUS 165 basic package, are now also available via IPv6 protocol.

Furthermore the range of functions of the ARGUS Copper Box was extended by a fast cable check. The fast cable check tests the correctness of a 3-pole connection, when doing single or auto test.

Beside all this new features, there is a multiplicity of many other time and cost saving improvements and optimizations.

Here you can download the firmware directly:






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