The new firmware (version 3.31) offers many new functions and improvements for the ARGUS testers 15x and 16x. For the xDSL triple play combi testers ARGUS 152, ARGUS 155, ARGUS 162 and ARGUS 165 but also for the VDSL/ADSL tester ARGUS 151, an optional WLAN test interface (USB) is available. As a result, the ARGUS testers are now able to scan WiFi networks and identify possible conflicts with other networks that can occur in conurbations. The ARGUS displays all important parameters like SSID, signal strength, signal quality, data rates, used channels and much more that helps with troubleshooting.

Furthermore, the Line Scope has been extended with a tone tracking function. Using the cursor it is now possible to “mark” and track a tone (frequency) of an interferer. Depending on the measured signal strength an acoustic signal (beep) will be generated. If the signal gets stronger respectively you are getting closer to the interferer, the beeping becomes faster. If the signal gets weaker or the distance increases, the beeping slows down.
A special RF clamp-on probe supports the detection of interferences in a cable bundle. This clamp-on probe is offered as an accessory and can be connected to the ARGUS tester directly. For further information please contact our support.

Moreover, after updating, the ARGUS Copper Box offers the well-known OK/Fail evaluation, as known from DSL. Typical threshold values are pre-configured for an easier evaluation of the measurement results. These limits can also be set individually, depending on the requirements.

Beside all these new features, there is a multiplicity of many other time and cost saving improvements and optimizations.

The newly introduced functions and interfaces are also available for the new testers ARGUS 153, ARGUS 156, ARGUS 163 and ARGUS 166.

Here you can download the firmware directly:






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