Update your tester now and take advantage of the many new functions. With the new firmware 2.3x / 4.3x it is possible to copy all measurement protocols and formats to a USB memory stick. After updating, the new access xDSL Modem Finder and the new single test Modem Finder are available. This test can be used to search for pilot tones/carrier sets of xDSL modems during runtime (value range: 5 - 60 seconds), which will be displayed in a table.

Optionally, for the ARGUS testers 166, 163, 156 and 153, the Speedtest® by Ookla® can be enabled, which is available on all IP-based accesses. With manual setting, an IP address/domain can also be selected from the IP list. With automatic setting, the test automatically searches for the fastest nearby server and tests the performance of the connection against it. The test results include ping time, jitter, server ID, download and upload speed and packet loss.

The new IP test Path MTU is a standalone part of RFC6349 and is available for Data, VoIP, IPTV and Opt. services. It determines the maximum packet size that can be used to reach a destination without fragmenting packets. IP address, pause, timeout and number can be set.

In the VoIP Call Generator, the new setting Ringing State Detection is available. If the recognition is switched off, the previous procedure is used and the recognition is done by rejection. If it is switched on, an alternative method is used and recognition is performed by missing ringing, e.g. if a voice recording is sent.

The new query "Start Copper Box?" can now be selected in the access wizard, which indirectly enables a "Copper Box" connection. In addition, there is the query "Measurement?" with the options "Don’t start measurement", "Autotest" and all Copper Box measurements. The selected measurement can be started directly from the access menu.

The Line Scope will now remember which mode (FFT or time domain) was last active when you exit. The next start of the Line Scope will be with the last saved mode.

In the new access Fiber, the Optical Power Meter and the Optical Fault Finder are selectable. Two interfaces (SFP, USB) are available for the ARGUS 163.

Here you can download the firmware directly.

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