After the ARGUS® F200, the favorites view is now also available for the ARGUS® 300, F300, 260 and F240. This allows you to customize your most frequently used functions and access them more quickly. This innovative function offers numerous advantages:

Easy navigation: You can easily switch between the favorites view and the "Connections" menu using swipe gestures (right/left), which makes operation more intuitive.

Plenty of space for favorites: Up to 60 favorites can be created so that you always have quick access to the most important functions.

Clear display: The favorites are displayed in the form of tiles including an icon and a short text of a maximum of 10 characters, which increases clarity.

Versatile favorites: You can save connections, connection filters as well as entries from the "Quick Menu" and the "Settings" menu as favorites. This enables personalized configuration according to your needs.

Simple management: You can quickly add new favorites using the "Add" softkey. Favorites that have already been added can be edited, renamed or removed. Tiles can also be moved to a different position.

Visible marking: Menu items that are created as favorites are marked with a blue star. This enables quick identification and increases user-friendliness.

This function saves you time and ensures more efficient and user-friendly operation of your ARGUS® devices. Benefit from an optimized and personalized user experience by always having your most important functions at hand!

The favorites view is included in the current firmware for the ARGUS® 300, F300, 260 and F240. Download it here.

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