Lüdenscheid, Germany, January 2018 – intec, Europe’s leading provider of xDSL, Ethernet and IP measurement technology, presents its latest high-quality ARGUS® brand measuring tester.

The next generation of this family of field-proven combined testers stands out with new interfaces, ranging from G.fast (up to 106 MHz) and VDSL2 profile 35b (Annex Q) (also known as super vectoring or Vplus) to VDSL2 bonding up to profile 35b. intec’s devices are the only testers available today that offer such a broad range. Additionally, the on-board memory has been significantly enhanced, so that the performance of the instruments can be flexibly expanded to meet emerging needs. A further major feature is spectrum analysis: the line scope now boasts a greater dynamic range and resolution, making it ideal for verifying the spectrum of VDSL2 profile 35b. Finally, multi-core processors now enable significantly enhanced system performance.

The new ARGUS testers:

- ARGUS 166 (formerly 165): the integrated all-in-one instrument optimised for Ethernet performance tests that combines all current interfaces and test scenarios in one single, multi-functional, handy and intuitively operable device

- ARGUS 163 (formerly 162): with its LAN cable tests, this highly versatile tester is ideal for network fault-finding, and its integrated SFP slot means that it can also be used for trouble-shooting FTTH

- ARGUS 156 (formerly 155 and 152): the handy, attractively-priced, all-purpose instrument with a broad range of interfaces and possible expansions; ideal as an entry-level SHDSL measuring instrument

- ARGUS 153 (formerly 151): the compact, sturdy, light and low-cost entry-level instrument for high-performance DSL interfaces; this flexibly expandable multi-function instrument is ideal for the transition to All-IP.

“With the further development of our products, we are making a clear statement: Our instruments define the performance standard for the market. They are powerful and future-ready because they aren't simply a reaction to the current state of the art, but are designed to ideally master coming challenges as well,” declares Dennis Zoppke, product manager of intec. “In addition to expanding the scope of function, the new generation of our product family focuses on memory and performance. The result: comprehensively optimised instruments.”

The new instruments are available effective immediately.

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