Global IPv6 Launch: intec provides update for ARGUS Testers right on time

On June 6, 2012, major network operators and service providers are launching their IPv6 services. A free update enables ARGUS users to prepare their test devices for this new Internet protocol.

Luedenscheid, June 2012 – intec is providing an IPv6 compatibility upgrade for its successful xDSL combi testers ARGUS 165, ARGUS 145 plus and ARGUS 142, as well as for its xDSL tester ARGUS 141, right on time for “World IPv6 Launch Day”.

Every customer will have access to a free update from June 6, 2012, which supports various IP tests, such as IP ping and traceroute, via ADSL, VDSL, SHDSL and Ethernet broadband interfaces using either the IPv4 or IPv6 protocol. The Dual-stack mode is also supported with this update. This means that, depending on availability, connections using both protocols can be established, and IP testing can be carried out via one or both of these variants.

The new long IPv6 addresses can easily be entered as usual using the ARGUS keypad or available PC software.

The ARGUS combi testers cover the complete portfolio of interfaces offered in the local loop range, from legacy telephone interfaces, such as ISDN BRI S/T/U and POTS, to the broadband interfaces mentioned above and even Gigabit Ethernet via SFP slots. With its Triple Play test functions, the ARGUS can also test VoIP, IPTV and data services via xDSL and Gigabit Ethernet.

According to Markus Tix, intec’s Managing Director, “The IPv6 update secures the sustainability of our ARGUS testers and means that once again we are able to provide our customers with the right solution at the right time coupled with the best-possible service.”

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