By combining the two faces of telecommunications measuring technology – WAN and LAN – this instrument is the most versatile and powerful tester available when it comes to meeting the anticipated challenges of the coming all-IP transition. The ARGUS®162 tests not only the ever more important Ethernet cabling – it can handle everything from the line card to the terminal device. Together with the ARGUS®LAN Probe, it enables field technicians to not only utilise the familiar VDSL, ADSL and ISDN test and analysis functions, but now also track all faults in the LAN cabling.

With the LAN cabling tests and the graphic wiremap, finding all typical cable faults (e.g. wiring faults, swapped connections, etc.) is a piece of cake – up to 100 active ARGUS®LAN Probes are possible. ARGUS can allocate a unique ID to each LAN probe and communicate with them – even with just two through-connected wires and at distances of up to over 100 m.
The PoE load tests enable you to check the performance of PoE and PoE+ switches. Depending on the class (0 to 4 or automatic),
ARGUS®162 functions as a consumer on the power sourcing equipment (for example a switch), drawing up to 25.5 W, to reliably simulate whether a powered device would be adequately supplied.
This instrument is additionally equipped with an Ethernet network scan, which displays all clients (with their IP and MAC addresses), ports and services in the connected network at the press of a button.

The instruments also come with a VoIP configuration assistant that greatly simplifies switching over from a conventional ISDN telephone system to a VoIP access – not to mention numerous additional functions, such as remote configuration of BNG accesses according to TR-069 or functionalities for use in SIP trunk configurations.

Beyond that, users can easily start and stop concurrent triple-play tests via the ADSL and VDSL interfaces as well as LTE, GigE and GPON. These additional triple-play test functions, along with data services, VoIP and IPTV tests, can also be enabled retroactively if desired. In these tests, the ARGUS®162 not only simulates terminal devices such as a telephone, PC of TV set-top box, but also determines all important quality-of-service parameters.

Its low weight and compact size make the ARGUS®162 the ideal all-purpose instrument, and its powerful Li ion battery pack ensures long operating times in the field.

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