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The ARGUS 142 VDSL + ADSL Combi Tester verifies interfaces and services down to the last detail – easily and reliably.

Multi-functional measuring equipment at a fair price: the ARGUS 142 quickly and reliably tests interfaces and services down to the last detail. VDSL2, ADSL, Ethernet, ISDN (BRI S/T/U) and POTS, as well as the physical conditions of the subscriber line are extremely easy to test – without having to swap modules.

The functions of the ARGUS 142 include at least one DSL and an Ethernet interface as standard, plus RC testing and voltage measurement. If desired, the measurement device can also be extended on an individual basis. For example, additional copper tests (Cu tests) can be used to assess the line quality even without synchronization to the receiver. The optional Active Probe II even enables high-ohmic measurements on an existing DSL connection without creating interference. With the optional TDR function (Time Domain Reflectometer), line lengths can be measured and sources of faults can be detected.

Lines without a DSL receiver (e. g. in the event of rewiring) can optionally be tested by the ARGUS for DSL suitability even if there is no DSLAM. Irrespective of line condition and length, the user can determine data rates using two devices and with the line qualification function activated, even when systems consisting of modem (xTU-R) and DSLAM (xTu-C) fail.

Problem-free Triple Play testing: the handheld tester optionally also offers Triple Play analysis for testing VoIP, IPTV and data services via xDSL and Ethernet. As a test receiver, the ARGUS 142 not only simulates terminalequipment such as a telephone, PC or STB, it also determines all relevant quality parameters. In this way, for example, it evaluates the voice quality in accordance with the MOS method or IPTV suitability using the Media Delivery Index. Several of these IP tests can optionally also be carried out via the new more powerful IPv6 protocol.

The ARGUS 142 is extremely user-friendly: this is thanks to the large 320 x 240 pixel color display and intuitive menu structure, amongst other things. A powerful Li-ion battery pack ensures long running times.