03.01.2011 - Future-proof broadband

SHDSL – appropriate data rate with long reach

Failure immunity, long reach and a high data throughput – this is what companies expect of a future-proof broadband technology. SHDSL is a solution that meets these requirements. Its symmetrical structure allows simultaneous distribution of downlink and uplink. A special modulation technique with SHDSL ensures stability. And with ESHDSL, a bandwidth of up to 6 Mbit/s over a distance of up to 8 km is feasible via four wire pairs.
Today, full-coverage broadband connections are part of the indispensable infrastructure. This is particularly important for small and medium-sized companies. This is why commercial and industrial areas outside large cities as well must be equipped as quickly as possible with fail-safe, stable broadband connections which cover distances of 6 to 8 km and allow data rates in the Megabit range dependent on wire cross-section. In the interests of fast coverage, these connections may also be based on the existing twin copper wire infrastructure. Unlike private customers, companies frequently send large e-mail attachments, upload extensive quantities of data to servers or make several phone calls simultaneously. This is why downlink and uplink must have a symmetrical structure. In addition, the previous E1 connections are to be switched off in the foreseeable future. Consequently, converting to a new solution will be inevitable for many companies in the near future. SHDSL offers an attractive way of meeting this symmetry demand.