27.10.2011 - Firmware update for ARGUS 14x series:

For the ARGUS triple play combi testers ARGUS®142 and ARGUS®145PLUS but also for the ARGUS®141 xDSL tester, a new firmware is available.

This new firmware enables ARGUS testers to use different profiles for protocols and login data to separate traffic of different triple play services by means of different priorities.

This allows changing protocols and login data quickly and flexibly at any time, independent of layer 1 (e.g. VDSL2). Also, one can start and stop different service tests and conduct them separately.

Firmware v2.0 links those and many other time and cost saving improvements with a new graphical status screen that shows all important information on a single screen. The familiar process steps are further simplified, using the well known ease of operation of ARGUS testers.

Here you can download the new firmware and a short guide:

ARGUS 145plus...

ARGUS 142...

ARGUS 141...