We develop, produce and market ARGUS xDSL and ISDN testers, as well as measurement solutions for quality assurance in telecommunications networks.

Our lightweight, compact, yet extremely powerful ARGUS testers are intended to make our customers' day-to-day work just that little bit easier.



Your hands-on assistant for everyday measuring tasks

Our robust new ARGUS Adaptor makes daily troubleshooting easier by separating or lengthening lines, and helping with shunting and patching. This greatly simplifies inspection of one or more wires or pairs (e.g. Ethernet, Bonding) with the ARGUS. Thanks to this, unstable connections when contacting lines are now a thing of the past.

Its special conductor track routing gives the ARGUS Adaptor very high symmetry, which is particularly important for high frequency and fault-prone lines such as in VDSL2 vectoring.

The Adaptor’s very robust, contact-protected banana jacks, with their paired arrangement and routing, result in excellent user-friendliness. Wires that belong together in practice (1-2, 3-6, 4-5, 7-8) are close together and allow the direct addition of various attenuators, jumpers (short-circuit, pushbuttons) and adapters thanks to the 14 mm jack spacing.

Parallel-switched RJ45 and RJ11/14 jacks ensure that different kinds of customer lines can be contacted directly by the ARGUS Adaptor, and RJ11 leads can be quickly extended or modified with RJ45s.

The high-visibility colouring makes it easy to find it in chaotic cabling environments like street cabinets.

Test the new ARGUS Adaptor (Order number: 000260) with your ARGUS soon!

You can also find detailed information in the following PDF.