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Optical Fault Finder

Optical Fault Finder (OFF)

With the Optical Fault Finder, optical faults can be detected easily and quickly, including plain text and distance indication. Large optical pulses can be transmitted with the same laser used for data transport. Optical pulses are transmitted in groups of three and in up to 5 cycles until the measurements are sufficiently consistent. Then the measurement is considered valid and recorded. Edges and optical reflections are detected and only reflective events are measured (edge detector Rx). Optical power, attenuation or backscatter are not measured directly.

Characteristics of the pulses:
- Repetition rate > 1 ms.
- Pulse width => 0.1 uSec & 0.5 uSec
- Peak optical power => 35 mW

Estimated locating accuracy:
- Resolution => 10 metres
- Absolute accuracy* => +/- 50 metres (at full range).
Dead zone (depending on the size of the ORL at the very short distance):
- Typically about 30 metres
* Factory calibration to Corning SMF-28 fibre & ORL dependent

Enhance your ARGUS® now with the Optical Fault Finder and the corresponding option.

Optical Fault Finder (Stick): Art. No.: 000275
Optical Fault Finder (Option): 
Art. No.: 016344 (ARGUS® 163) 
Art. No.: 016644 (ARGUS® 166) 
Art. No.: 026083 (ARGUS® 260) 
Art. No.: 030083 (ARGUS® 300)

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