14.12.2010 - ARGUS 142 - New Universal Test Set for the Last Mile

New Universal Test Set for the Last Mile

The ARGUS 142, the new all-round analyser from intec, quickly and reliably checks the interfaces and services provided via the last mile. With an ARGUS 142, one can easily test VDSL, ADSL, Ethernet as well as ISDN and POTS – without swapping modules.

Lüdenscheid, August 2009 Testing the telecom network– is intec's motto for its new ARGUS 142 universal ADSL and VDSL tester. Easy to carry at just 730 grams (ca. 1.6 lbs), nonetheless it is an all-rounder. The ARGUS 142 is equipped with a color display and is ready for operation in just 9 seconds. Depending on the application, this tester can run for up to 9 hours between charges. It not only tests the interfaces, but also the services running on it. The ARGUS 142 offers features for setting up and clearing malfunctions on VDSL, ADSL (Annex A & B) and Ethernet interfaces. It can also be used as a lineman’s handset for POTS, as an ISDN test set to test BRI S/T and U interfaces as well as the physical characteristics of the subscriber's line. The ARGUS 142 is available as of September 2009.

Powerful Performance – Fast Analysis
With its separate chipsets for ADSL and VDSL, the ARGUS 142 is unique. Whether the unit is used as a DSL tester, as an ISDN tester or POTS butt set, the new ARGUS masters every application and quickly delivers the most important results.

Depending on the application, the test results can be displayed as a brief summary or a detailed report. Because the tester – having set thresholds – can automatically rate the quality of the line as “OK" or "Not OK“. If a more precise and detailed analysis is needed one can view the data in a graphic form e.g. of the bits per tone distribution. Various network statistics are utilized to evaluate the quality of service (QoS) of Triple Play applications. As an example, the protocols associated with VoIP calls are analysed and the result is used to determine the MOS value. The actual voice quality of ISDN, POTS and VoIP phone calls can be evaluated using the integrated handset.

As is the case with a VoIP test, it is also possible to examine and assess the results of a ping, download or IPTV test. For analysis and processing at a later time, all test results can be stored in one of the 50 memory locations.

Easy Operation
All test settings can be conveniently made using the ARGUS 142 keypad. Thanks to the alphanumeric labeling of the keys, configuring the ARGUS 142 is as easy as texting. Subsequently, the installer simply selects the interface to be tested and the desired test from the self-explanatory menu structure.

The ARGUS 142 VDSL and ADSL tester can be used as a stand alone device. In addition, however, it can also be connected to a PC (via the USB interface). In this case, the PC can be used to configure the handheld tester with the aid of WINplus. This optional PC software enables the user not only to prepare and then transfer test profiles to the ARGUS, but also to quickly update the firmware of the ARGUS so that it is always ready to meet the challenges presented by future test environments. Firmware updates are available free-of-charge on a regular basis. All of the measurement data can be transferred to the PC, where it can be analysed in detail, printed out, forwarded on or archived. Using the optional high-performance PC software named WINanalyse; it is also possible to perform long-term monitoring of DSL layer 1 or IPTV QoS parameters in conjunction with the ARGUS.

The ARGUS 142 has a long operation time between charges thanks to its modern high-performance rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. If required, a second battery pack can be taken along and swapped in the field. No tools required - it's easier than swapping the battery pack in many cell phones. The original battery pack can then be charged in the meantime.

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